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Karamolegos Family

Unforgettable food and drink experience

"1986", Hermes Hotel's restaurant is located partially indoors and also outside, at  the  pool area.  The kitchen is typically Greek with some international plates. Our chef  creates summer dishes using mainly the seasonal products from our island, such as cherry tomatoes, katsounia  (a local variety of cucumbers), fava beans, the white eggplant and anhydrous zucchini.

Enjoy your lunch by the pool or at our lovely indoor area, from  12.00 till 16.00. From 16.00 till midnight  you can enjoy  ice creams, waffles, drinks and wonderful cocktails  by the pool bar.

For dinner, we suggest you to visit  our family’s restaurant Fistikies, located 10 minutes walking distance from Hermes Hotel,  which offers high quality Mediterranean Cuisine combined with the Greek gastronomic tradition. Cuisine is open from 5pm till 12 midnight.

Have you heard about our family's new restaurant? 

"Fistikies" is located in Kamari, very near to the famous beach, where Pistachio Trees (Fistikies in Greek) have been traditionally cultivated for over a century and still continue today.

Anna Karamolegou (Hermes Hotel manager/co-owner) and her husband Chris Koskinas, well known and talented chef, dreamed of and built "Fistikies" with a lot of love and passion! 

The building is brand new and we very much hope that you will appreciate our philosophy of creating high quality Mediterranean Cuisine, in a spacious but intimate environment.

The beautiful interiors, shady pergolas and verandas offer a pleasant comfortable environment, day or night, summer or winter. 


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